STAR Public Dashboard

Coming Soon

In phase II of our new Open Performance Site, Cook County will debut new department-level public dashboards for all Offices Under the President. Those will be displayed and updated here, along with the annual STAR Report presented by the Performance Management Office to the Board of Commissioners. All archived department data and STAR Reports are still available on the archived performance site.
What is STAR?
Set Targets Achieve Results (STAR) is a partnership of the Board of Commissioners, County Agencies, employees, union representatives, and residents. All offices and agencies of the County report progress toward stated goals, and work together to improve performance. We report to you every three months to tell you how well Cook County is doing, to point out where we have room for improvement, and to invite you to share your ideas on how to run your county better. We are committed to achieving our four tenets:
  • Fiscal Responsibility: Ensure County taxes are as low as possible and that taxpayer dollars are used effectively.
  • Innovative Leadership: Create a culture of exemplary leadership, professionalism and collaboration in County government, which makes it possible to deliver high-quality services to residents.
  • Transparency and Accountability: Provide transparent and accountable public information to residents to strengthen public trust and ensure a more effective government.
  • Improved Services: Provide high quality, reliable frontline services to the public.

We Want to Hear from You
What do you think of the new site? This is an alpha release of Cook County’s Open Performance dashboard and we value your feedback. Tell us your thoughts and, if you'd like to hear regular updates, sign up for our newsletter.