A Letter from the President

To the Residents of Cook County:
Cook County is the heart of the nation’s third-largest metropolitan area. It is home to more than half of both the region’s population and its economic activity. Cook County and the rest of the metropolitan region form an integrated and interdependent community serving the needs of its residents and businesses.
Cook County government plays a pivotal role in serving and supporting the needs of those who live and work here. We are responsible for promoting the health, welfare and safety of our 5.2 million residents. We manage the nation’s largest consolidated court system and largest single-site jail campus. We influence the effectiveness of the region’s transportation system, provide recreational opportunities and promote economic growth.
The Cook County Policy Roadmap: Five-year Strategic Plan for the Offices Under the President has been developed by the Office of the President of the Cook County Board of Commissioners. As President of the Board of Commissioners, I am charged with leading the County’s policy, budget and fiscal activities. In addition, I oversee the Offices Under the President, which includes six bureaus and 34 departments.
This plan outlines my office’s priorities over the next five years. It identifies the principles that will guide our activities, including a focus on racial equity to ensure that all Cook County residents have opportunities to prosper, participate and reach their full potential no matter their race, gender, geography or socio-economic status.
This plan establishes goals and strategies for our work on justice, health, economic development and the environment. It defines our criteria for serving as responsible stewards of the County’s infrastructure, and establishes the standards of efficiency, transparency and good customer experience that will continue to guide the operations of the County, while also ensuring we have a talented, diverse and productive workforce. The Policy Roadmap lays out the strategies we will use to achieve our goals and the metrics by which we will measure our success.
The Policy Roadmap is the result of an inclusive process in which employees and hundreds of volunteers played an active role to help the County define its future. It reflects the views expressed at numerous community meetings held throughout the County, as well as the input gathered from our opinion survey. These engagement efforts allowed us to hear directly from residents about what they believe it will take to make Cook County a leader in building vibrant, sustainable and inclusive communities where people want to live, learn, work and play. Further, it incorporates detailed suggestions from non-profit partners, small businesses, residents and community groups that provided feedback during the public comment period. I thank all who participated. I also extend my sincere gratitude to the Civic Consulting Alliance for their invaluable, pro bono assistance throughout this process.
The Policy Roadmap is a beginning. It will guide our actions, and we will consistently monitor results against our expectations to make sure we meet our goals. With that in mind, we have released this public dashboard to hold our plan accountable and track our progress. We are committed to an administration that is accountable and transparent. In that spirit, please continue to give us your opinions and suggestions for ways we can improve.
Toni Preckwinkle
President, Cook County Board of Commissioners

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