John Yonan, P.E. , Superintendent



To support the development of a world class transportation system that spurs economic growth and enhances quality of life. Cook County will achieve this vision through policies and projects that connect and support commerce and communities. Because no single unit of government acting alone can achieve complex outcomes like these, the means for accomplishing them must include more strategic and innovative use of collaboration and capital.

Mandates, Programs, and Key Activities

• Maintains jurisdictional authority over 565 center line miles of highways, 135 bridges, 360 traffic signals, 7 pumping stations, and 4 maintenance facilities.

• Performs snow and ice removal for 1,470 lane miles of pavement.

• Inspects County Highway and various Township bridges as defined by the National Bridge Inspection Standards.

• Plans, designs, acquires needed right of way, and constructs county highways and/or aid in the design and construction of township and local municipal roads in the County.

• Responds to emergencies, in conjunction with Homeland Security and other local municipal partners, such as flooding, storms, tree damage to ensure safety for the public as well as providing clear and accessible roads.

• Reviews and processes permits for construction, oversize-overweight haul permits, utility work to ensure county right of way and infrastructure are protected. Additionally, provides technical assistance and review of Building & Zoning permits.

Transportation & Planning Bureau

Advanced multi-year planning for near term highway improvement needs, establishment of project agreements, acquisition of required project right of ways, preparation of Long Range Transportation Plan and the preparation, management and/or review of preliminary engineering plans and traffic studies.

Design Bureau

Design, preparation, and review of plans, specifications and estimates of Department road and bridge construction improvements. Provides assistance to Building and Zoning in the review of permit applications.

Construction Bureau

Engineering project management and Administrative management of the construction of Department road and bridge improvements; permit review/approval, execution of overweight/oversize permits.

Maintenance Bureau

Responsible for daily Department roadway and right of way maintenance, snow and ice removal for Department jurisdiction, and assistance throughout Cook County in weather and other emergency events.

Administrative Bureau

Responsible for initial preparation of budget, administrative control of fiscal appropriations and expenditures, contracts, Human Resource management, Safety and Training, IT support and all GIS related mapping, reproduction services, and general records.

Budget and Full Time Employee Data

Performance Metrics

Percent of On-Time Response to Permit Requests