Simona Rollinson, Chief Information Officer




Enterprise Technology plans and manages enterprise technology services in conjunction with Cook County agencies. It works to provide County government services that are cost-effective and easy to use for residents and employees. It also identifies opportunities for cross-agency collaboration that seek efficiency and a greater return on technology investments.

Mandates, Programs, and Key Activities

IT Solutions and Services

Build and maintain a secure, flexible, dependable, and technically sound information and communications infrastructure for Cook County agencies. Services are provided for the county’s data communications, voice networks, personal computing systems, mainframe, midrange and distributed systems operations.

Technology Policy & Planning

Plan, develop and manage software applications and websites for other county departments to improve workflow process to address residents’ and businesses’ needs for simple, responsive, transparent and cost-effective government administration.

Geographic Information Systems

Provide maintenance of and access to Cook County’s enterprise geographic information system to facilitate shared geographic-based information. Services are delivered by managing resources, acquisition of GIS data and tools, performing quality assurance of GIS data and implementation of quality control measures.

Project Management

Provides project management to consistently deliver successful technology projects that increase value to Cook County by aligning projects to Cook County’s strategic goals.

Open Data

Increase access to and use of government data in support of good governance. Release government data that is relevant to agencies and of interest to the public.

Budget and Full Time Employee Data

Performance Metrics

Percent of Projects Completed On-Time