Ranjit Hakim, Director


Mission Statement

The Department of Human Rights and Ethics supports the Cook County Commission on Human Rights and the Cook County Board of Ethics.

Mandates and Key Activities

Mandates and Key Activities

  • Enforces civil rights protections set forth in the Cook County Human Rights Ordinance through investigation, mediation and adjudication
  • Enforces the Code of Conduct set forth in the Cook County Ethics Ordinance through investigation and adjudication.
  • Enforces minimum wage provisions of the Cook County Living Wage Ordinance through investigation and adjudication.
  • Audits D2 campaign contribution disclosures, lobbyist expenditure reports and County vendors for ethics compliance in accordance with the Cook County Ethics Ordinance
  • Audits use of contingency funds by Cook County Board Commissioners in accordance with the Cook County Contingency Fund Guidelines Ordinance
  • Provides formal and informal advice to County officials, employees, former employees, contractors and campaign donors on interpretation of the Ethics Ordinance
  • Provides annual County ethics training and develops additional educational materials to promote knowledge and awareness of the Ethics Ordinance
  • Conducts training and outreach programs for County departments and outside organizations to prevent discrimination before it occurs
  • Engages in advocacy and research, related to enhancement of civil rights protections, prevention of sexual harassment and promotion of better relations among the County’s diverse racial, ethnic, religious,cultural and social groups

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